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Gaia Sourcing's Main Service

For over 20 years, Gaia Sourcing’s team has assisted more than 4,000 clients in managing their supply chain. Our services have helped them achieve higher purchasing efficiency, stricter quality control, and better order safeguarding.


Pro "Partner" Plan

Gaia Sourcing will help you find the most suitable supplier, obtain quotations, and provide manufacturing solutions—all free of charge.

Once you are satisfied with the price and sample, you can place your order, and we will take care of the rest, including mass production, quality inspection, and door-to-door logistics.

At Gaia Sourcing, we prioritize product quality. In the rare event of any quality issues, we offer free replacement or compensation to ensure you are satisfied with the result.

Service fee: 0%.

All expenses are included in the unit price of the product. Experience the convenience and reliability of Gaia Sourcing for your sourcing and manufacturing needs in China.

Standard "Agent" Plan

If you choose to use your own suppliers in China, Gaia Sourcing can collaborate with them to ensure your products are manufactured according to your specifications.

After your suppliers send the cargo to our warehouse, we will perform quality inspections and manage door-to-door logistics for you.

Service fee: 5% of the product value, with a minimum fee of $100.

Benefit from our expertise and seamless coordination to enhance your sourcing experience.

Partner Plan vs Agent Plan

The 8-step sourcing process

Submit Quotation Request
This can be a product that you are selling or a new product that you wish to launch.
Introduction to Vetted Factories
You will be presented with a selection of manufacturers we deem suitable to produce your product.
Approve Your Quotations
View and compare all your quotations and confirm you are happy with them before proceeding to the sample stage.
Sampling and Prototyping
We will request that the samples are sent to our facility in Shenzhen, then we can do a pre-production sample check before the sample is sent to you. We then bundle all your samples from your chosen factories and send them to you in one carton all together, fully labelled and checked for you at source.
Place Your Order
Use our Purchase Order template and Terms and Conditions document to ensure you are fully protected and the order is handled professionally.
Receive the Pre-shipment Inspection Report
Receive your pre-shipment inspection report. Checks from a 3rd party is always an important part of the process. We have a list of trusted 3rd party inspection companies that we can recommend to you.
Receive the Pre-shipment Sample
We will send you the pre-shipment sample so that you can compare it with the pre-production sample that you approved before production. This ensures that you are totally happy before shipment.
Ship Your Goods
Receive quotes from our selected freight forwarding companies to ensure you always receive the best possible rates.

Gaia benefits

Perks so good you’ll never need to go anywhere else for sourcing suppliers. Seriously.

Prototyping and sampling

Prototyping ensures your innovative ideas can be tested in the field and increases precision in manufacturing.

IP protection

Keeping your ideas safe with bulletproof NDAs and strategic management of suppliers.

Dedicated Account Managers

No prior experience is required, as a skilled agent will take care of all tasks on your behalf.

Innovate concepts from scratch

Bring your ideas to life.

Network of trusted suppliers

Tap in to 20 years of supply chain experience

Quality control

Upholding rigorous quality control standards to guarantee excellence.