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Recent Projects
Sunglasses with built-in earphones
Product Development Project
Glowing Neon Mini PowerBank
Concept designed for an inner-city on-the-go lifestyle
Waterproof charger with LED
The ultimate outdoor 10000mAh powerbank
Magnetic Earpods
Users can pull both earbuds out of their case with one hand
Customizable 8-Bit Screen
Bluetooth Earphones with Customizable 8-Bit Screen controlled by app
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What is Gaia Sourcing?

We are the bridge between you and the factories that you choose to manufacture your products.


Elevate your business by outsourcing your project and sourcing management to Gaia Sourcing with our dedicated expertise in supply chain and manufacturing.

  • Your bridge between your sourcing team and real factories
  • Work with a dedicated account manager
  • No middlemen, products directly from factories, at factory prices
  • Your boots on the ground

Gaia Sourcing’s aim is to simplify your product sourcing and development activities in China. We tailor our approach to your business in order to ensure a smooth and positive experience while you conduct business here.

improve your bottom line

Lower your costs. We consistently source products that are 15% less expensive than Alibaba prices. 

Stay in control

Develop products with your IP whilst removing all the headaches of navigating the Chinese supplier market yourself.

Take back your time

Leave lengthy processes such as supplier vetting, quote negotiations, supplier relationship building, quality control, to us. So you can focus on growing your business.

Blaze your own trail

Your next big product idea is a lot easier to produce than you might think… if you have the right partners to make it happen.

Improve your bottom line.

Maximise value with a Super supply Chain.

they said it best
It's "you'll never go back" good

Gaia Sourcing replaces expensive sourcing platforms and the hassle of vetting factories yourself for a bespoke service that is tailored to your business. We source products so fast that it will blow your mind.

"None offer anything close to the customer relationship that Gaia Sourcing provides. It is rare in this industry."

Tarek Atallah

Mundus Creations

Decades of Experience

Tap in to decades of procurement experience

Approved Factories

We’ve worked with hundreds of factories over the years. Tap in to the

Three Ofices in China

We have offices in Shenzhen, Foshan and Hong Kong.

Gaia benefits

Perks so good you’ll never need to go anywhere else for product sourcing and development. Seriously.

Prototyping and sampling

Prototyping ensures your innovative ideas can be tested in the field and increases precision in manufacturing.

IP protection

Keeping your ideas safe with bulletproof NDAs and strategic management of suppliers.

Dedicated Account Managers

No prior experience is required, as a skilled agent will take care of all tasks on your behalf.

Innovate concepts from scratch

Bring your ideas to life.

Network of trusted suppliers

Tap in to 20 years of supply chain experience

Quality control

Upholding rigorous quality control standards to guarantee excellence.

Who works with Gaia?

We work with companies of all sizes and flavors, such as:

Start-ups and innovators

Are you lauching a crowdfunding campaign or developing a product that you innovated? We can locate a partner supplier to produce your products for as little as $500 US.

Our product development team has completed hundreds of projects working with innovators around the world. 

E-Commerce: Amazon & Shopify

We help online business owners expand product ranges and increase margins.

Are you still getting ripped off by expensive platforms such as Alibaba? On average we find suppliers that are 15% less expensive than Alibaba suppliers. 


We become as as comitted to your growth as you are. The Gaia Sourcing office is strategically located in ShenZhen, the global home of technology manufacturing. We can immediately deploy our resources to source the most suitable suppliers for your projects. 

Large Businesses

If your annual purchasing volume exceeds $500,000, we offer credit payment terms and assign a dedicated sourcing team to help you grow your business. Gaia started our sourcing journey supplying tech products to corporate clients. We have decades of experience supplying tech fit-outs for contracting companies, importers, distributors, and marketing departments all over the world.

Products that we specialise in

Whether you want to sell an existing product, create a private label product or a brand new product, there is a big chance we have worked in that area of expertise before.

Network Electronics
Optical Fiber
Cables and wires
Wireless Routers
POE Switches
Android TV Boxes
Power Tools
Energy and Power
LFP Batteries
LED Lighting
Charging stations
Screens and TVs

Choose a service plan that is right for you


We help find the most suitable supplier
Service fee: 0%
All costs are included in the unit price
Whats included:
  • Supplier sourcing and quotations
  • Design and prototyping
  • Production management
  • Quality control and inspections
  • Warehouse storage
  • DDL Logistics
We collaborate with your suppliers
Service fee: 5%
Minimum fee of US$100
Whats included:
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Collaboration with your supplier
  • Production management
  • Quality control and inspections
  • Warehouse storage
  • DDL Logistics
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Learn more about how Gaia Sourcing works and how we can help you.
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Learn more about how Gaia Sourcing works and how we can help you.
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How does the sourcing process work?

It’s quite simple

  1. Submit a quotation request by filling out the form here: Quotation Request Form
  2. Our team introduces you to our list of vetted factories
  3. You approve your quotation
  4. Sampling and prototyping
  5. Place your order
  6. Receive the pre-production inspection report
  7. Receive the pre-shipment sample
  8. Ship your goods

Read more about the details of product sourcing on our dedicated page here: Product Sourcing and Purchasing

Product development comes from a deep need to solve problems in the market.

We break the product development process into two phases.

In Phase 1 we ask you for your statement of work and all the materials you have prepared so far. We will work together with your team to identify the most suitable manufacturing solution for you.

In Phase 2 we leverage our network of reliable and experienced manufacturers to support your product development. We provide design, prototype, sampling, custom moulding, material suggestions, quotations, production management, quality control, and so much more.

Read more about the details of product development on our dedicated page here: Product Development

We offer a full ‘white glove’ service for Private Label Accessories and Technology products. All you need to do is: find a product online, send us a link, we will source a high quality supplier for far cheaper than you can find on Alibaba. Read more about the details of our private label services on our dedicated page here: Private Label

Default packaging varies from product to product and between factories. If you would like to customize or create packaging from scratch, we partner with packaging suppliers that can provide full stack packaging services with all sorts of materials.

Of course you can! But…

  1. It’s more expensive,
  2. It’s only worth it if you want 1 or 2 products,
  3. You’ll be using your own time to talk to suppliers,
  4. And many more reasons…

Why not read more about why suppliers in China are leaving Alibaba in our blog post here…

Yes! We can provide packaging and labelling services to fulfil your amazon FBA needs. You will not need to lift a finger or even see your products, as they will come through our facility and sent straight out to Amazon warehouses around the world.

Yes! If you are planning to order many products, we will organise all of them to be sent to our facility in Shenzhen. We will consolidate and bundle the products together and ship them as one large order. This consolidation can help save you significant costs on air and/or sea freight.

Our team has over 20 years of experience in sourcing and product development in China. We have curated a failproof and comprehensive method to search for suppliers.

We always start a search by contacting our network and asking our colleagues, friends, and other contacts in the industry…

The world of tech products is not as big as you may believe, and the degrees of separation are far fewer than you may think.

After searching our network, we will then search online on local sourcing platforms. This is to check the market and understand your product’s position moving forward.

Yes! We offer a light-touch, soft landing approach to product design. Our in-house design team that specialises in product development can work together with your design department. We are here to make your life as easy as possible, so that your ideas can come to life quickly, affordably and to your exact specifications.

We have extensive experience working with many different 3D CAD software, including SolidWorks, AutoCAD, SketchUp, and Inventor, which we use to develop moulds, create PCBs and provide 3D layouts of products.

Yes! This Prototyping will be done in cooperation with the vetted factory of your choice. If throughout the prototyping process you need to create custom moulds, upload bespoke software, or anything else, the team of engineers will have all the information and materials that they need in order to fulfil the final order.

We can also create mould mockups using our 3D printers.

We have an NDA template that we can ask the factories to sign, which always provides you with piece of mind.

If you are particularly worried about protecting your IP, then we can split production between multiple factories, so that the entire production process is not under one roof. If you would like to learn more about our thoughts on protecting IP, please read my blog post about it here…

The MOQ is dependent on the product that is being sourced and whether it exists yet. If a product is sitting in a warehouse somewhere then the MOQ is normally quite negotiable. If the product is not in stock or has not been manufactured yet, then the MOQ can vary depending on the price of the product.

Over the years we have been able to develop a system that ensures we maintain an excellent quality level.

We start by deeply understanding how a product is made and the materials it is made from. This is to ensure that you aren’t getting BS’d or conned by anyone. If you know the ins and the outs of a product then you know exactly where corners are being cut and if it lacks components.

We conduct deep research and understand the suppliers.

We always require a pre-production and post-production sample, which we can compare with one another.

Before the shipment is sent to you, we always insist on a 3rd party inspection to go and inspect the goods. They will produce an extensive report on what was found and what will be expected in the final shipment.

As a failsafe, we always negotiate a minimum unconditional one-year guarantee on any product that we order.

We have three different payment terms for different situations.

  1. For small orders and samples: 100% payment, typically if the cost is below $1000.
  2. The most common amount: 30% deposit pre-manufacture and 70% balance pre-shipment of the goods.
  3. Gaia Sourcing can negotiate on your behalf when negotiating for financing with a factory. Typically, financing credit lines will not be considered unless a relationship has been developed with the factory and if there have been large orders over a sustained period.

This comes with time. Having been in the industry and manufactured products in the Greater Bay Area for over 20 years, we have developed a vast network of suppliers.

In China there is no better way to develop a relationship with someone than to do business with them. Additionally to support this, one must also show face by going for factory visits, attending lunches and dinners, and possibly even having a tipple of pijiu or baijiu.