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Product Sourcing & Purchasing

Unlock the true meaning of "factory price"

Sourcing the right suppliers can be a time-consuming and daunting process, especially overseas. Navigating Alibaba and 1688 is a time consuming task and (it might not seem like it at first), it’s expensive! 

Alibaba is a premium-price sourcing website. 

This is precisely why countless individuals work with Gaia Premiums.

We take away the stress associated with finding suppliers, restoring your precious time and keeping costs low.

We use 20+ years of product sourcing experience and our trusted network of suppliers and manufacturers to continuously help people source products in China for the best quality at low prices.

20 years of sourcing experience

Average 15% cheaper than Alibaba

trusted suppliers and manufacturers

Speedy delivery

Top Quality

The 8-step sourcing process

Submit Quotation Request
This can be a product that you are selling or a new product that you wish to launch.
Introduction to Vetted Factories
You will be presented with a selection of manufacturers we deem suitable to produce your product.
Approve Your Quotations
View and compare all your quotations and confirm you are happy with them before proceeding to the sample stage.
Sampling and Prototyping
We will request that the samples are sent to our facility in Shenzhen, then we can do a pre-production sample check before the sample is sent to you. We then bundle all your samples from your chosen factories and send them to you in one carton all together, fully labelled and checked for you at source.
Place Your Order
Use our Purchase Order template and Terms and Conditions document to ensure you are fully protected and the order is handled professionally.
Receive the Pre-shipment Inspection Report
Receive your pre-shipment inspection report. Checks from a 3rd party is always an important part of the process. We have a list of trusted 3rd party inspection companies that we can recommend to you.
Receive the Pre-shipment Sample
We will send you the pre-shipment sample so that you can compare it with the pre-production sample that you approved before production. This ensures that you are totally happy before shipment.
Ship Your Goods
Receive quotes from our selected freight forwarding companies to ensure you always receive the best possible rates.

Boost your company's

bottom line

Elevate your overall competitiveness  by enhancing profit margins.

Take back your time by leaving tedious sourcing expeditions to professional account managers with decades of experience.

Our teams are keenly aware that cost reduction plays a pivotal role in achieving growth. That is why so many people use our services.

Dedicated Account Managers

No prior experience is required, as a skilled agent will take care of all tasks on your behalf.

Approved Factories

With exclusive collaboration with accredited factories, we bring extensive expertise in procurement, delivering a comprehensive project management solution tailored to your needs.

Quality Control

Leveraging our extensive network and strong partnerships with numerous manufacturers in the Far East, we uphold rigorous quality control standards to guarantee excellence.

More than 20 years Experience

Tap in to more than 20 years of experience providing procurement solutions for global businesses.


Prototyping ensures your innovative ideas can betested in the field and increases precision in manufacturing.

Three Ofices in China

We have offices in the manufacturing epicentre of the world, GuangDong province, the international logistics hub of Hong Kong, and Foshan.


We offer assistance with logistics and freight, ensuring prompt and secure delivery of your products to their intended destination.

Preliminary Quotes

We tailor our services to align with your budgetary requirements, providing transparent cost estimates upfront for full clarity.

Simplifying sourcing products from China

From product ideation to delivery to your doorstep, Gaia Sourcing is able to provide help at every step of the way. 

Whether you’re seeking to procure new or existing products from China, allow us to assist you in obtaining better prices from reputable suppliers. Our commitment to supply chain resilience, coupled with our extensive network of vetted manufacturers with whom we maintain longstanding relationships, ensures the protection of your supply chain. By partnering with the right supplier, we can help you save time, money, and facilitate the growth of your business.

With over 15 years of experience operating in China, an extensive supplier network, and a dedicated team based in Shenzhen, China, we are confident in our ability to reduce your costs while securing the high-quality products demanded by your customers.

Choosing Gaia Sourcing as your sourcing partner offers an efficient purchasing solution for your business needs. Discover how we can support you today by reaching out to us via email with your product specifications at [email protected].